4 Features and Updates in Meta Ads Manager (July 2024)

The world of online advertising moves fast, and Meta Ads Manager is constantly evolving to meet the needs of advertisers. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just getting started, staying informed about the latest changes is crucial for maximising your campaign performance. 


Here's a quick rundown of some key updates that have recently hit Meta Ads Manager:


More Granular Targeting: Gone are the days of broadly targeting teens based on interests. To prioritise user privacy, Meta now restricts targeting options for users under 18. This means you can only target them by age, location, and gender. For users above 18, however, rejoice! Meta continues to refine its targeting capabilities, offering more precise options to reach your ideal audience.


Budgeting for Success:  Ever wished your ad spend could automatically adjust for peak traffic periods? Well, wish granted! Meta introduced a new budget scheduling feature. This allows you to set higher daily budgets for specific promotional periods, like Black Friday, and then have the budget revert back to normal automatically afterward. No more manual adjustments needed!


Going Beyond Likes:  Meta Ads Manager understands that clicks and conversions are what truly matter.  The "Optimise Text per Person" feature is a game-changer. It dynamically tailors ad copy to each user based on their unique interests and behaviours, potentially leading to a significant boost in conversions.


The Reels Revolution: Reels have taken the social media world by storm, and Meta Ads Manager is capitalising on this trend.  Instagram Reels ads are now available to everyone, allowing you to tap into a highly engaged audience with visually captivating content.


A Farewell to Instant Articles: As of April 2024, the Instant Articles format is no longer available as an ad placement. While this might seem like a loss, most ad delivery shouldn't be impacted. Meta is constantly refining its placements to ensure optimal ad performance.


These are just a few of the exciting changes happening in Meta Ads Manager. By staying updated on these developments, you can ensure your campaigns are aligned with the latest best practices and maximising their return on investment.


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Remember, the key to success in Meta Ads Manager is continuous learning and adaptation. With the right knowledge and a strategic approach, you can leverage these new features to create winning ad campaigns and achieve your marketing goals.